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Service Desk Manual

This is the service desk manual for the Charlotte Maguire Medical Library at the Florida State University College of Medicine.


  • Start your computer and sign into Outlook email as well as Skype
  • At the beginning of each day, enter the previous day’s count information on Make sure that you select the right date. After this you may erase the whiteboard and begin tracking the current day’s count.
  • Check book drop. Check in any materials found in the book drop
  • Check the supply table to see if scrap paper, ear buds or other supplies need to be replenished
  • Check voicemail
    • Dial 4-6245, enter passcode 12349, and then press P (#7) to listen to messages
  • Look at the Calendars for all Staff and make note of Daily Staff Appointments, Meetings, and Vacations.
  • Complete ILLs, Library Express Delivery, UBorrow, OCLC  WorldShare requests/received as needed; enter into Excel sheet log or save DOCLINE or OCLC receipts as PDFs for data input
  • Check LibAnswers' Dashboard and Spam folder for unclaimed questions. Assign questions according to the flow chart on the Dashboard.

On a weekly basis complete the following:

  • Perform a shelf reading
  • Update the conference room computer
    • Turn on power on the lower right-hand side of the TV, as well on the back left side, then turn on the keyboard and mouse
    • Login under:
      • Username: library.asst
      • Password: BooksR4no$
    • In the Start Menu search for ‘Windows Update’
    • On the left side of window select ‘Check for Updates’
    • If an update is available, open 'Software Center' and wait for it to install. If it is up to date then you can close out of the window.
    • Log out of library.asst and power off keyboard, mouse, and power off the TV by the button on the lower right-hand side.
  • Wipe down the iMac stations
    • Wipe off carrels and tables with Lysol wipes as needed
  • Water the plants and prune off dead leaves


Ten minutes before closing, do the following steps (refer to Daily Count/To-Do Sheet):

  • Check the book drop. Record # of books. Check in any items from the book drop. 
  • Do the final count and check for 24/7 access (see 24/7 Card Access for eligibility and validating procedures) 
    •  If COM affiliates do not have 24/7 access, then inform them that they are welcome to stay in the library but that the library doors will remain locked after 5 PM. Tell them how to sign up for 24/7 access.
    • Inform non-COM affiliates that the library closes at 5PM and will be open at 8AM Monday-Friday.
  • Shelve any books.
  • Refill scrap paper tray & ear buds tray.
  • Turn off the Keurig and securely close and lock all interior doors.
  • Lock the main office door.


Full-Time Faculty, A&P and USPS Employees; Part-Time OPS Employees

  1. At the beginning of each shift, go to and login with your FSUID
  2. Select the Faculty & Staff tab.
  3. Select Access Timesheet.
  4. Enter your time and leave. Select Submit. 
  5. Your paycheck will be deposited biweekly into your bank account (if you so choose). To review your paycheck, direct deposit, and benefits: select the Paycheck and Benefit tabs next to Timesheet on the Faculty & Staff Portal.

Graduate Assistants

Graduate Assistants are paid biweekly from their appointment's start to end dates. GAs do not need to enter time or leave into; instead, GAs will enter any time off (holidays/breaks and sick/vacation) on a separate speadsheet. See Robyn for access to a time tracking sheet. 


Email or speak to Erica about any proposed time off. After it has been approved, make sure to edit the Library Staff calendar with the time you will be off. If you have to be absent, or will be more than ten minutes late without prior notice due to illness or personal matters, make sure to call 850 644-3883 or send an email to DL-Med Library before 8:30 AM.

Maguire Medical Library
Florida State University College of Medicine
1115 W. Call St., Tallahassee, FL 32306
Call 850-644-3883 (voicemail) or Text 850-724-4987
Questions? Ask us.