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Open Educational Resources: Create OER

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The FSU College of Medicine's Instructional Design & Media Production team can assist College of Medicine faculty with the creation of educational resources. They specialize in the development of online learning modules, video and audio production, multimedia, apps, animations, and more.

Guidelines for Creating & Sharing OER

When creating and sharing OER, keep the following considerations in mind:

1. Design for Openness

Ensure that you have permission to publish all of the content in your materials. If you use third-party content, make sure to address copyright considerations in the following ways:

2. Choose a License

A Creative Commons license provides the legal framework to share materials. Attribution is always a requirement, and the author can decide whether or not to allow remixing of content and/or commercial use. If possible, embed the license HTML code in your webpage to allow your materials to appear in Creative Commons search results.

3. Publish & Share

Make your materials available online using a public URL. You can upload your materials to your personal website, or share them directly in an educational repository such as:

Guides for Creating OER

Video: Creating OER and Combining Licenses

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