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Images, Videos, and Procedures: Images

Introduction to Images

Images -- medical, comical, inspirational, etc. -- can add greatly to the content of your presentation, poster, paper, or other publication. Images created by someone else may be free to use, require permission, or require payment. Regardless of the type of image, attribution on or near the image may be required. See the Copyright & Permissions tab for further guidelines.

Images Available Through Library Institutional Subscriptions

Many library subscription databases, such as AccessMedicine, ClinicalKey, Pediatric Care Online, and LWW Health Library, have images you can use, provided that copyright or other proprietary notices are kept intact: See Copyright & Permissions for more details.

Quickly find images in library subscription databases:

  • Do a search on your topic
  • Use the search filters (usually on the side of the screen) to narrow your results to images

Anatomical Images

Free Images and Videos

Scanning electron micrograph of just-divided HeLa cells, from the NIH Image Gallery.

Diagnostic Radiology Database

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Fair Use

Use of images by individuals for educational purposes is generally considered fair use. If money changes hands or the image is used for publication (of some sort) then image users need to receive approval from image creators or owners before use to avoid copyright law violation.

Carefully read the verbiage at the origin of the image. Often image users rights and responsibilities are clearly defined there, as are the means for asking permission for use of desired images. Look for the terms "copyright" or "usage".

See the Copyright & Permissions tab for further guidelines.

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