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Publishing: Choose a Journal

Selecting a Journal

When you are ready to submit your manuscript for publication, the following methods and tools can help you find journals that fit the scope of your research.

Learn how to avoid predatory publishers by reviewing the Predatory Publishers section of this guide.

Journal Matching Tools

Journal matching tools allow you to quickly locate journals that match the topic of your research.

Open Access Journals

When you publish your article in an Open Access journal, your article is available for anyone to read for free. Find quality open access journals using the following resources:

Since these journals to not require subscriptions or payments from readers, open access journals may charge a fee to the author. FSU has an Open Access Publishing Fund available to assist with these fees.

Library Databases

You can also find relevant journals by searching literature databases, Search for your topic to find similar articles, and see which journals published those articles.

Common literature databases include:

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