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EndNote: Get Started

This guide will take you through the basics of using EndNote.

What is EndNote?

EndNote online

EndNote (online and desktop) can help you organize references, generate a bibliography, and add references while writing a paper.

EndNote desktop and online versions can be synced as one library.

EndNote (online version)

The online version of EndNote is free and meets most reference management needs. It may be listed as EndNote Web, EndNote Basic, or EndNote Online.

Use EndNote Web to import and save references from databases, organize them into groups and share them with colleagues, co-authors, etc., and insert them directly into Word documents.

Create an account to use the online version of EndNote. See How do I set up an EndNote account below.

EndNote (desktop version)

The desktop version of EndNote, a subscription service, features automatic reference updating, locating and importing PDFs, and more.

Faculty can request EndNote (desktop) by submitting a ticket to the COM Office of Information Technology Help Desk.

Depending on license availability, College of Medicine students who plan to use the desktop version of EndNote in a research capacity may also request installation from the OIT Help Desk. 

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How do I set up an EndNote (desktop or online versions) account?

  Registering or signing into an EndNote online account works best with Internet Explorer.


Create an account to use any features of EndNote. Both EndNote (desktop version) and EndNote (online version) require an account; otherwise, references will not be saved.

On the EndNote Sign in page, look for Not a member yet? Click on Register and follow the registration instructions.

Having trouble registering for an EndNote online account? Here are possible solutions:

  • Do not register with your Facebook or LinkedIn account. Use a FSU or personal instead.
  • Refresh or close/reopen your web browser window or tab. Try registering or logging in again. 
  • Clear your browsing cache, data, and history. Try registering or logging in again. 
  • Check that your password contains a letter, number, and special character (@#$!&^%). 
  • Try registering for a personal account through the Web of Science. Your Web of Science account user name and password can be used with EndNote online. 

Once you’ve set up your account, you should see the Getting Started page with your username in the top right corner.

For EndNote (desktop version) users, maintain one library in EndNote by syncing your online and desktop versions.

  1. Open EndNote (desktop version)
  2. Select File, then New....
  3. Save your EndNote library file in a safe space on your computer (e.g., My EndNote Library.enl). We recommended saving one .enl file for your EndNote account. 
  4. A new window with three panels should open. 
  5. Sync your online and desktop versions by selecting Tools, then Sync. Note: The first sync will merge your online and desktop versions, but subsequent syncs will default to the most recently edited version. 
  6. Log in with your EndNote account credentials. Click OK
  7. Any saved references and groups should be copied over to your Library.

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How do I access EndNote after leaving FSU?

EndNote (online version)‚Äč

EndNote (online version) users always have access to saved references and created groups, regardless of their affiliation with FSU. However, after twelve months of leaving FSU (such as after graduating or retiring), you will lose your custom content files (e.g., bibliography styles, filters, etc.). When you lose access to content files, you will receive a message that says, "Your roaming access has expired." You can learn more about roaming here

EndNote (desktop version)

If you are no longer affiliated with FSU College of Medicine, you do not have access to EndNote (desktop version). Before moving to another institution:

  • Update and sync your desktop library to your online library by clicking on Sync in the toolbar or selecting Sync from the Tools menu
  • Change your FSU College of Medicine email address to a personal email address by logging in to EndNote (online version), hovering over Options, and then selecting Email Address
  • Affiliate your account to your new institution by contacting EndNote technical support

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