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Residency Preparation: Boot Camp

About the Boot Camp

IHI Open School

Select the Open School Basic Certificate English (also known as the Basic Certificate in Quality and Safety), and then Open School: English: Student Version. After you have completed all 13 course modules, you will be eligible for a CERTIFICATE.

To track your progress toward these goals or to claim certificates and credits, go to your IHI Account Page. If you are not currently logged in to the IHI portal, you will be prompted to do so. Once in Your IHI Portal, click on MY PARTICIPATION  to see what you are registered for, and the CREDITS tab to access your certificate. Either export the certificate to a PDF file or create a screenshot of the certificate which shows the date of completion for the IHI and has your name and/or IHI number on screen. Upload the document to the Student Academics portal.

Wise-OnCall Modules

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI)

CITI Program training allows you to conduct human subjects research. Most COM students have completed the training as part of Host Defense, BUT you need to make sure that:

  • your FSU affiliation is currently valid, which will facilitate your transition later to your residency
  • your email in the CITI system is a personal one you plan to keep (not your FSU email address)

CITI sends automated renewal reminders to your email address when refresher courses are needed; if your CITI lapses, you will have to START ALL OVER AGAIN instead of only completing a few modules.

Once at your residency, the CITI course(s) you have taken at FSU will be recognized (if your CITI has not lapsed!), but your residency may require additional modules or courses.

Note: If you have not yet been trained through CITI at FSU, complete the Human Subjects Research: Biomedical/Clinical training as per the CITI: COM Registration Instructions link below.

Opioids Online Training (2 options)


Any opioid training that provides a certificate of completion

  • Many free opioid courses from reputable sources can be found online
  • Strongly suggested to complete the required opioid training for the state where you do your residency
  • Contact Dr. George Bernardo or Martin Wood with questions or concerns

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